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Lets face it: Great communicators are hard to find -- especially those with a breadth of experience that includes the Web.

But there are a few of us who understand the priorities of business as well as the goals of every assignment and take the initiative to execute innovative ideas. We also deliver cogent, well-organized and mechanically sound copy -- the heart of any creative project -- getting it right the first time.

That means fewer hassles for our employers -- because chances are, they have little time to oversee or overhaul the projects and programs to which they already devote valuable resources. In addition, this rare combination of abilities usually yields big cost savings or revenue gains.

How can you spot us?
-We've strengthened the bottom line for every employer
-Were award winners;
-We have a solid education;
-We're prolific;
-We're imaginative;
-Weve accumulated diverse experience;
-We can strategize as well as execute;
-We can effectively make complex information reader-friendly;
-We're respected by our peers.

That pretty much sums up my background. Throughout my career, my peers honored me with awards of excellence. With a foundation of a BA in English (with honors) and graduate classes in business communications, Ive served companies in a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, publishing and IT (hardware and software). I've earned a reputation for implementing unique, profitable and cost-effective solutions, and for getting things done with minimal direction.

Currently, I work as as a marketing communications manager for Quest Software, where I've built a team of trusted advisors who ensure the highest possible quality of our collateral. I'm adept at concepting based on a desired business outcome as well as bringing together design and copy with proficiency. My core strength is editorial excellence and versatility: I can edit or write web copy, brochures, ads, direct mail pitches, press releases, case studies, speeches, news articles and feature stories. I understand the printing environment, and I can publish basic content on the web myself, saving your web team time as well as steps in the process.

Im currently engaged happily at Quest in a long-term, exciting challenge where I am applying my exceptional skills in implementing communications strategies, creative production, editing, critical thinking, people management and customer service alongside other talented, emotionally intelligent people.