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A variety of project development, campaign, writing, and editing samples showcase my skill, style and versatility. Just select samples by type, (below) or by organization (listed on the left).

By Type:


- Corporate - Quest / "That's Smart" (promoting company brand)

- ETE-Watch Winner (promoting web monitoring software in PC Week)

- Congressional Black Caucus (promoting support from mortgage lender)

- Orange County Great Park (promoting support from mortgage lender)

- Orangewood Children's Home Benefit (promoting support from mortgage lender)

- Public Law Center (promoting support from mortgage lender)

- Radio Ad: Toys for Tots campaign


- Candle: Room to Grow (promoting HQ move and employee retention)

- Contigo's i2i Suite (for web conferencing software)

- eHNC's Quaan (for search engine technology)

- Managing the New Way (promoting internal program)

- Quest Partner Program (promoting opportunities to re-sellers)

- Skyworks-Breakthrough Simplicity (promoting brand and product)

- Sysplex Competency Center (promoting technical service)

Case Studies

- Archive Manager (Quest Software)

- Exchange Migration Suite (Quest Software)

- Homemag.com (for implementation of web content management)

- LiteSpeed (Quest Software)

- Notes Migrator for Exchange (Quest Software)

- Stat Application Change Management (Quest Software)


- Learning Solutions (customizable; promoting educational software)

- Books On Tape, Inc. (annual distribtion to 80,000 customers)

Communications Tools and Presentations

- Best Practices in E-Cards and Landing Pages

- Best Practices in Web Content Production

- E-Card Template with Guidelines

- Elements of Good Writing and Quick Reference Sheet

- Planning Matrix (for summarizing tactical steps and responsibilities)

- Project Brief Template (for gathering client requirements)

- Rumor Management (for senior managers)

Customer Service Promotion

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7


- Archive Manager

- Development Studio for SharePoint

- Foglight for Network Devices

- HR job fair recruitment

- Recovery Manager

- SharePlex

- Toad for Oracle

Direct Mail

- Books on Tape, Inc. (new product announcements)

- Books on Tape, Inc. (prospecting piece)

- Books on Tape, Inc. (special campaign)

- Business Service Management Seminar (for IT executives)

- CCR Talks Back (converting subscribers from print to online publication)

- Intranet Logjam (promoting web content management software)

- Link Request (promoting web content management software)

- Meaning of Dynamic (promoting web content management software)

- Promises, Promises (promoting web content management software)

- "Quest Justice League" ViewMaster slides with box artwork and letter (targeting Motorola executives)

- Static Cling on Your Web Site? (promoting web content management software)

- V.92 - Your Competitive Edge (promoting modem technology to ISPs)

- Workshop on Preventing Foreclosure (for mortgage lender event)


- Addressing Compliance Nightmares

- Avoiding Application Patching Pitstops

- Be a SQL Server Rock Star

- EXAByte (for computer resellers)

- Executive communications to employees

- ISV of the Year Award

- Managing SharePoint Sites with Ease

- Navigating to PartnerZone

- The NEW Briefing (for employees)

- re:Quest Customer News

- Removal of Unneeded Software (employee audience)

- SMB e-Line (for computer resellers)

News or Feature Publications

- The Pipeline (New Century corporate-wide audience)

- The Production Line (New Century divisional publication)

- next...Spring and Fall 2001 issues (Conexant corporate-wide audience)

- Connections (business partner audience)

- Honor Roll (Ingram Micro reseller audience; to promote Microsoft products)

- Memory Matters (Ingram Micro reseller audience; to promote third-party products)

- Mazda Across America (Mazda corporate-wide audience)

News and Feature Articles

- Car Nivore (earned IABC Award of Excellence)

- DaVinci Academy scholarships (promoting a program with ROI)

- The Design Verification Team (promoting a waste prevention function)

- The Dual Tapeout (promoting process efficiency)

- Email Management (article to promote efficiency in network)

- The Hat Trick (success story to promote key initiatives)

- Home123 Connects with NASCAR (article to justify marketing investment)

- LG Gives Quality Award (article to highlight importance of a function)

- Mazda Car Satellite System (earned IABC Award of Excellence)

- Mexicali Achieves ISO Certification (article to promote company priority)

- Rewards for Referrals winner (promoting cost-saving program)

- Using Technology as a Weapon to Combat Fraud

- WebEx profile (promoting cost-savings vs. video conferencing)

- Windows of Opportunity (promoting best sales practices)

News Bulletins

- Issue of "The Skywire" (bi-weekly printed leaflet for factory employees)

- Mazda Information Network (distributed daily for employees)


- Corporate branding (Quest)

- The Latest Style: (promoting the proper wearing of access badges)

- Two Best Friends: (promoting loan file security)

- Skylink (promoting intranet)

- Promoting Intruder Awareness

- Promoting Cost-cutting in Laser Printing


- For New Century Corporate Webzine

- For Skyworks Corporate Webzine

Press Releases

- Fusion Partners with VERSIFI

- New Century Financial (various)

Technical Editing/Writing

- Candle Computer Report (goodwill publication for technologists)

- MazdaTips (monthly instructional publication for Mazda dealers)

- Code Testing for Successful Applications

- Continuous Performance Management

- Pragmatic Business Service Management

- Tenets of Identity Management

- Value of Reverse Engineering

Tradeshow Script

- Contigo's i2i Stage Presentation

Web Copy

- Careers section (for Skyworks corporate web site)

- EXAByte promotion (for Ingram Micro)

- Intel promotion (for Ingram Micro)

- McAfee promotion (for Ingram Micro)

- Plextor promotion (for Ingram Micro)

- SMB e-Line ads (for Ingram Micro)

Web Information Architecture/Usability

- Customer section of Quest.com

- Training section of Quest.com

- NC Insurance Services intranet page (for New Century intranet)

- Fulfillment Training intranet page (for New Century intranet)

Webzines (internal and external)

- CCR2 (latest version of Candle Computer Report that I helped architect)

- Insight (for Versifi, a web content management company)

- "nextweb" (for Conexant; see also profile of it in trade publication)

- "Skylink" (for Skyworks intranet)

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