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Direct mail letter

Dear X:

Promises. Promises. Promises. Election year or not, that's what you get from most vendors of Web site content management software. And you'd like to believe them. Because as an IT manager, you probably need the relief their software promises -- relief from heavy workloads, long hours and mounting costs.

But once you get beyond the marketing hype, can these software products really deliver? Do they:

Free you from a lot of extra custom coding, so you can save your technical staff's time (and salaries) for other critical IT projects?

Allow you to work in non-proprietary, industry standard technology, so you won't have to train your staff in a vendor's unique programming language?

Offer user-friendly, browser-based management functionality -- without the need for scripting and with a built-in workflow system -- so non-technical staff can collaborate, thus relieving your administrative burden?

Componetize content on a Web page, storing it in a database for re-use and centralized updates, so you easily track and maintain your electronic assets?

VERSIFI Delivers If the answer is 'no' to any of those questions, then get the relief you need in VERSIFI. We can answer 'yes' to every one of those questions. Our Dynamic Information Delivery (D.I.D) system, based entirely on industry-standard Java and XML languages, provides the underlying architecture for deploying high-change, content-rich Web and eCommerce sites -- without the associated costs and rigidness of limiting scripting technologies.

VERSIFI's D.I.D. system turns the business process for highly dynamic Web site management on its head, producing dramatic benefits at a time of critical technical labor shortages. Virtually everyone in an enterprise is empowered to share responsibilities. That allows your business to significantly reduce development staff costs, balance workloads and expedite time to market.

Speaking of Speed: Introducing VERSIFI 2.9

In fact, it's VERSIFI's industry-standard, object-based technology that recently allowed us to develop a greatly enhanced version of our software in just six months. Version 2.9 offers improved navigation through a simplified administrative user interface, transaction tracking and reporting, increased security, and robust site search capabilities. Plus, it boasts an automated "quick-click" installation process, pre-packaged components, and seamless integration with IBM WebSphere Commerce Suite.

And VERSIFI 2.9 also includes an optional personalization package that lets you effortlessly deliver content tailored to a site visitor's preferences and observed behavior. It's now simpler than ever to install and operate the most powerful solution for maintaining dynamic Web sites.

Find out the details of our latest product enhancements. And discover why VERSIFI has been selected to power industry-leading sites such as KIISFMi.com, eClubOz.com and Homemag.com

Visit www.versifi.com/contact.html or call 949-567-7000 today. We'll make your life easier. And that's a promise.