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Pitch letter to editors of industry publications

Dear Editor:

Please consider featuring VERSIFI in your profiles of content management software.

I realize you many such requests and -- for the sake of your credibility -- you can't just mention any company that asks.

Fortunately, VERSIFI isn't just any company, and its solution is hardly run-of-the-mill. On the contrary: VERSIFI is revolutionary and truly unique.

It's the FIRST and ONLY one of its kind based on industry-standard technology that BREAKS UP content on a Web page into components, storing it in a database for re-use and centralized site updates. And its user-friendly, browser-based interface, with built-in workflow, lets non-technical staff easily collaborate to maintain highly dynamic Web sites WITHOUT scripting. Site contributors simply add content to pre-assigned component placeholders located on template-driven pages.

The result is that the business process for Web site management is turned on its head, producing dramatic benefits at a time of critical technical labor shortages. Virtually everyone in an enterprise is empowered to take responsibility, freeing up more of the development staff for other high priority projects. Businesses can expedite time to market, maintain total control of their IT assets and significantly reduce costs. And access to content, as individual elements, has astounding implications for the wireless world.

Naturally, we think we have the answer to Web site management chaos. And industry analysts, such as the Hurwitz Group and Seybold, have validated our thinking time and again. Feel free to visit our Web site (www.versifi.com) to read their reports. As you read what they have to say, we hope you'll agree that visitors to your site deserve to know how they can finally achieve complete control of their online destiny.

Thank you in advance for your consideration. And please don't hesitate to call if you have questions: 949/567-7033.