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"It's actually a list of new employees, but I wanted to give you enough lead time to post their 10-year anniversary notices."

Dear X:

Okay, we're exaggerating. But the ol' programming logjam is a reality. And it's frustrating when the timely information we need to share with employees is no longer timely by the time it's posted.

The blame doesn't belong with programmers, though. With this IT labor shortage, they're slammed. They'd like nothing more than to offload these mundane tasks we give them.

With VERSIFI, they can. And we're not making this up. VERSIFI's intuitive, browser-based interface empowers you to automate intranet site updates without relying on programmers. You choose how you want to maintain and organize content as individual components in a Web-accessible repository. This puts you in complete command of the knowledge management schedule and your department's electronic assets.

If you'd rather keep doing things the same way, good luck making it to your 10-year anniversary.