Welcome to INSIGHT, an e-forum for members of the VERSIFI community —or anyone facing the constant challenge of updating corporate Web sites. In this section, we've gathered for you some of the best insight from industry experts at leading organizations. You're also encouraged to submit articles yourself or offer feedback about the article links we post here.

What we believe binds our community together is the desire to break free of the high level of frustration experienced today when building an online presence. This community is composed of Web professionals who are tired of proprietary vendor tools and site management chaos. They're looking for smarter ways to work — they're creative thinkers who crave business and marketing solutions, intelligence, mindshare and inspiration to do their jobs more effectively.

At VERSIFI, we believe in a "community of creation" in which innovative thinking results from the free exchange of knowledge among many. It's the same philosophy that drives our strategy for a 100 percent channel model, where our business partners and Java developers design VERSIFI components and profit from them.

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