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Tradeshow stage presentation script

"Angel in the Office" Internet World - Los Angeles, April 4 - 7

Stage Center: [cluttered executive desk; behind it, Charlie -- VP of communications -- is leaning back in chair, head titled back, staring at ceiling. He stands up, begins pacing, stroking his hair nervously]

Charlie: [stops, faces audience] I'm wigging out here. Meetings. Training sessions. Seminars. Conferences. New York. LA. Hong Kong. Paris. It's killing our budget. All that traveling sucks. And for what? A lot of no-shows and mediocre leads from marketing events. Not to mention the big hassles for employees. There's GOT to be an easier, more effective way for the meeting of the minds.

[musical notes]

Sid: [offstage voice] Oh, but there is! Relax, Charlie.

[a startled Charlie jumps]

Charlie: Who's there? Who said that?

Sid: It's me, Sid Green. I had this job before you did.

Charlie: Sid?! I thought you passed away!

Sid: Yeah, a stress-related ulcer. This job literally killed me.

Charlie: Eeeesh.

Sid: Don't worry, Charlie. That's why I'm here. I don't want you to suffer the same fate worrying about all the meetings your have to arrange. Consider me your angel of tranquility.

Charlie: So what do I do?

Sid: You need the i2i Internet conferencing system from Contigo. It's the most seamless way to get people together by leveraging the Web.

[i2i logo appears on big screen]

Charlie: The Web? Are you kidding? I'm about as technical as an aborigine.

Sid: It's no sweat with i2i. Even a clod like you can quickly set up, run and follow up on meetings without help from MIS.

Charlie: Okay. But how do people attend? Do they all need to load software?

Sid: No way. i2i is 100 percent Java and runs on any platform. Anyone with an Internet connection as low as 56K, can log on, call in and participate.

Charlie: Wow! It's that fast?

Sid: Yep. That means your sales team can deliver a PowerPoint presentation and close the deal before a competitor even gets on the plane.

Charlie: Is it just for straight PowerPoint presentations?

Sid: Are you kidding? i2i isn't like the free junk out there. You can demo apps, walk people through Web sites, chat in real time, highlight things, poll the participants and brainstorm on an electronic whiteboard. So it's also perfect for speedy collaboration, training, high-level briefings - you name it.

Charlie: What about if some of these meetings are confidential? I've heard the Web isn't exactly like the Cone of Silence.

Sid: You're covered. i2i is the only Internet conferencing system that has security software built in, if you need it.

Charlie: Okay, O' wise spirit. Let's say some people miss one of these online events. Are they out of luck?

Sid: Not at all, Chucky. i2i offers recording an playback, so folks can view presentations at their convenience.

Charlie: Well, all of that sounds great for smaller meetings, but what about larger events, like conferences or sales training?

Sid: Like I said, i2i ain't some chintzy product. You can get powerful tools to automatically invite, register and remind attendees for those big events - up to 2,500 people. That means you get in front of more people, faster. Talk about your competitive advantages.

Charlie: Okay, so you once you reach all those prospects in a seminar, for example, how do you track them?

Sid: i2i's advanced features help manage customer relationships while the event's going on and after it. All of the data is saved, and you can dump it into other programs. You end up with a mother lode of quality leads.

Charlie: Unbelievable!

Sid: No more astonishing than you talking to a dead guy.

Charlie: [Ignoring comment] All right, so let me put i2i to one last test. The other day I got this panicked phone call from the VP of sales. He needs to tell reps around the world about a new strategy that varies by country. Multiple presentations at the same time, each with different content. Impossible?

Sid: Chas. Chas. Chas. I'll tell you one last time: i2i is the most robust, easy-to-use Internet conferencing solution for the enterprise. Period. On a single Web server, you can simultaneously host and manage up to 20 events on independent sites, each customized for unique audiences, if necessary.

Charlie: Get outta here!

Sid: It's also ideal for customer training, technical support, media announcements, investor relations - anytime you have diverse, widely distributed audiences.

Charlie: Sid, I think I'm in love with you. By the way, how do you know so much about Contigo's i2i?

Sid: Hey, what do you think the big guy uses for the angel conferences?

Charlie: Sheez. That's quite an endorsement! Okay, Sid, can you help me tell the decision makers about i2i?

Sid: You're on your own there, Charlie. Just direct them toward the kiosks. I'm just here to look out for you.

Charlie: So you can see everything?

Sid: Yeah. And by the way, stop putting double packs in the coffee maker. Too much of that stuff will kill you.

Charlie: Thanks for the heads-up. Okay everyone, you heard Sid. Watch your coffee intake and visit our kiosks to see demonstrations of all the editions the i2i suite: Meeting, MeetingPro, Seminar and Enterprise.