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i2i: The Power of Agility

An enterprise that conducts sales and marketing seminars around the world began using the i2i Internet conferencing system instead of taking the show on the road. Within a year, the enterprise had reduced its seminar expenses from $4.8 million to $250,000 and its cost per lead from $800 to $5. Its sales management staff reports that it is also drawing three times the number of attendees and that conducting the events is easy with i2i's Java-based system.

Conducting online seminars is just one of the ways that enterprises leverage the power and simplicity of i2i to conserve costs, achieve ROI, save time, reach more people and boost satisfaction of event participants. The award-winning i2i suite of products allows timely and convenient interaction between event hosts and an audience ranging from one to 2,500 for collaboration, presentations, demonstrations and training. There's a solution to meet every critical communication need of the enterprise.

§ Meeting Edition - Perfect for smaller, ad-hoc gatherings, live product demonstrations and planning sessions involving about 10 people or so, no matter where they are. It's the quickest and easiest way to present sales pitches or collaborate internally.

§ Meeting Pro Edition - Ideal for larger gatherings or training sessions involving 50 or more people, no matter where they are. It includes secure HTTPS protocol support and event recording and playback, as well as advanced scheduling and management tools.

§ Seminar Edition - Designed to eliminate costly road shows. It provides automatic event scheduling and calendaring as well as attendee registration and reminder functions. Advanced reporting and lead generation ensures the event is a success.

§ Enterprise Edition - Suited for executing virtual instances of any i2i product interface. On a single server, it allows you to host and manage up to 20 instances concurrently on independent Web sites - each customized for individual departments, if necessary.

A Pioneering Company

An innovative industry leader, Contigo holds the patent for the technology on which real-time Web-based collaboration applications are built. Contigo i2i is the most advanced Internet conferencing system on the market. And the rich functionality and host of features simply make it the easiest, most beneficial way to bring together people over the Internet.

Inclusive Architecture

i2i is 100% Java and runs on virtually any platform, including Windows NT, Linux, Solaris, UNIX-based servers and others. That means participants don't need plug-ins and administrators aren't burdened by software configuration issues for connecting to them. Both can be online in minutes with few hassles.

Simple Participation

The visual portion of an i2i meeting is delivered over the Internet to each participant's computer screen. Audio is carried by a telephone conference call. Attendees join in by accessing a meeting URL from any Internet-ready personal computer using a Java-enabled browser. It's as undemanding as surfing the Web.

Low Overhead

Client and host memory requirements are low. Plus, i2i's minimal bandwidth utilization supports participants on modem-based connections and curbs overall implementation costs. i2i uses HTTP to eliminate the need for IT to open your hardware firewall and accommodate special protocols.

Intuitive Operation

Non-technical users can arrange all aspects of an online meeting including creation, promotion, delivery and follow-up.

Automatic Build of Presentations

i2i requires no manual effort to upload, convert and archive presentations produced in Microsoft PowerPoint or Corel Presentations 8. Show an entire presentation or selected slides.

Web Site Tours

Incorporate existing Web content to enhance your live or recorded presentation. Contigo's patented Follow-Me Web-Tour™ technology allows you to guide your audience to anywhere on the Web in a controlled setting.

Live Application Viewing

Present full-functioning software demos live or for playback while letting attendees see screen views of active desktop applications. It's efficient for product demos, collaboration on documents or content development among distributed team members.

Real-Time Interaction

Use i2i's collaborative functions to make online meetings interactive, productive and lively. Multi-mode chat lets the presenter show messages to all participants or to select ones. Annotation functions enable the presenter to highlight areas with arrows, color or shading. An electronic whiteboard allows concurrent sharing of concepts, designs, outlines, schematics and more using a variety of drawing tools.

Shared Presenter Control

Multiple presenters at the same location or at different ones can share control of an event. Presenters can also promote any number of participants to presenter status during live events.

Participant Polling

Conduct spontaneous or pre-planned custom polls in your meetings, collecting and compiling answers on the fly or following the event. Display them publicly or privately in a graphical format.

Back-End Database Integration

i2i stores all contact and participation history in a complete back-end SQL database. A Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) interface lets you integrate data into SQL databases from providers like Oracle and Microsoft and pour it other business applications. Use the captured data for lead generation, customer or prospect feedback, and surveys for market analysis.

Web Management Console

Through a centralized Web-based management console, you can efficiently manage i2i servers, events, presenters, accounts, databases, resources, and memory.

Comprehensive Activity Reporting

Monitoring tools let the MIS department track i2i system usage -- including conference log files and billing reports -- across enterprises or in a single division

MeetingPro adds:


Even the most sensitive of mission-critical information is safe from prying eyes with i2i's exclusive HTTPS connection security. RSA's BSAFE® SSL-J encryption software is built in to maintain confidentiality for online meetings, briefings and seminars -- from log-in to log-out.

One-Click Record and Playback

Recording and playback functionality increases the chances that a wider audience will receive presentations or take Web tours. Those who cannot attend a live event or who discover your enterprise after an event takes place are referred to an archive to view an event as it was originally staged. They have access anytime, from anywhere.

Seminar Edition adds:

End-to-End Event Management

Tools for automated notification, registration management, electronic participant signup and e-mail reminders provide a complete solution for effortlessly handling logistics before, during and after an event.

Prospect Collection

Capture lead data on during a live event, with a presenter and attendee sharing data simultaneously; or during an event playback, by gathering attendee feedback and log-in data.

Enterprise Edition adds:

Virtual Host Support

Host and manage multiple events on a single Web server and create distinctive e-conference sites for individual departments, divisions, product groups or other audiences.

Customized Interface

Integrate the look and feel of i2i into your company's Web site design, reinforcing your brand image.

Cost-Effective Event Management

These days, a common way to get functional e-conferencing capabilities is by leasing seats of a product from a vendor that arranges everything. Costs can begin to add up quickly as you customize the services and add more seats. And sometimes, the product's functionality can't keep up with your expanding needs. Contigo's pricing model is designed to help enterprises cost-effectively manage and stabilize expenses. Through the purchase of reasonably priced licenses, you can anticipate the impact on your budget - even if you upgrade down the road. Plus, with your MIS group in control, you get the benefit of easier and smoother integration with critical corporate business systems as well as a higher level of confidentiality.