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"When I said I wanted a more dynamic Web site, I wasn't thinking of Tony Robbins on every page."

Dear X:

Dynamic means different things to different people. To VERSIFI, it refers an application's ability to deliver frequently changing content to Web pages on the fly.

Don't get us wrong. At VERSIFI, we also appreciate the powerful communication skills of "dynamic" motivational speakers. In fact, they're dead right about one thing: personal empowerment is the only way to go. We all know how frustrating it is to have someone else decide for us how and when things get done.

Only VERSIFI lets you manage and organize content as individual components in a Web-accessible repository. With its intuitive, browser-based interface, you can automate site updates without relying on programmers. This puts you in complete command of the time-to-market, your costs, and your electronic assets.

Tony Robbins couldn't have said it any better.