Using the intranet as an employee webzine:

I was able to convince the web team to allow me to use the intranet's home page as the home page also
for a company webzine. But the only reason I succeeded in this was that I offered to publish the web pages
myself via Dreamweaver, based on a pre-designed template. Every editor who manages publications, news
and information should have web publishing skills.


Providing industry news for employees helps them to make smart business decisions, but newsfeeds
can be expensive. My solution was to browse a selection on industry publications and select relevant
articles, then link to them from the intranet home page.


Internal news articles such as the one below were highlighted on -- and linked from -- the intranet home page.
Because it was widely read, the intranet proved to be a very effective vehicle for promoting cost-efficiency

Another example an article that encouraged cost-savings.


We also produced abridged versions of articles in the company's print tabloid ("next...") for the intranet.
This practice not only supplied content for the webzine, but also promoted readership of the tabloid.


We called the webzine "nextpost". Its home page was designed to provide archival access to the many
features that appeared first on the intranet's home page.


We encouraged employees to submit ideas for content, so we always had a steady flow of topics to pursue.


We also used contests to build interactivity with employees.


A little interactive levity also built interest in the webzine.