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VERSIFI is excited to give you the opportunity to help yourself and your company. We're looking for your unique perspectives, expert analyses, keen insight and respected opinions for an array of article topics, including:

-Challenge Chronicles Obstacles that you or your peers face and how you think VERSIFI relieves the pain when it comes to re-usable, componetized content; universal technology standards; templates; a central Web-based repository and other features.
-Insider Insight Instruction and tips on processes and methods that can help your peers do their jobs better.
-Power Tools Your analyses of solutions that complement our product, such as the IBM Websphere e-commerce suite, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, etc.
-Partner Perspectives - If you're a VERSIFI business partner, share the methodologies, practices, acumen and capabilities you offer and how you solve problems using VERSIFI.

-Site Scope Your opinions on Web sites that demonstrate innovation in design, usability, knowledge management, CRM or e-commerce.
-Homer Page Your humorous accounts of gaffes and miscues related to Web site development or management.
-Worth the Trip Your recommendation on worthwhile industry events or seminars.

If you're not sure you can write, don't sweat it. The shorter the better is the rule for articles. And we'll give you simple guidelines that will help you organize your thoughts. Plus, an editor will review your contributions and polish them up for you.

To get started down the road to greater visibility for you and your company, contact the VERSIFI Web editor. We look forward to contributing to your success.